Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7th Grade Homework due 9/1

Artists must come ready to begin the final artwork. All ideas should be developed well enough to know how they want things drawn, what colors will be used and how those things will be placed on the paper.

6th Grade Homework Due 9/2

Be ready to begin work on final artwork. Artists must have design all figured out including how they want everything drawn, what colors are going to be used and where evrything will be placed in the image.

Monday, August 30, 2010

8th Grade Homework-due 9/2 (5 points)

8th Graders must be ready to start final art project. This means that a final sketch with colors in place and words and phrases written to be read easily without problems. You will only be given 3 colors sheets, 1 white sheet, 1 black sheet plus the paper it all starts on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6th Grade Homework- Due 8/26 (10 points)

1st) Choose from one of the following themes:

Storybook Self-Portrait
( Choose a storybook character that you identify with, illustrate the character with your characteristics. For example you have a silly personality and like hats, maybe the Mad Hatter is a character you could use only you like to play baseball, study the stars and read. Your illustration might have the Mad Hatter with a thin baseball stripe print for the hat, with a book mark stuck in the hat's ribbon with the name of your favorite book and your tea cup has the solar system on it.

Happiness is....( fill in the blank)
List ten things, activities, people that make you happy.

2nd) Draw a full page sketch ( that goes from one edge of the page to the other on all sides) illustrating your idea for either theme.

Be sure to put the due date on your work.

7th Grade Homework Due 8/25 (10 points)

1)Choose from the following themes:
"Dream Big"
"Happiness is...(fill in the blank)."
2)Brainstorm about the theme and what that can include.
List 10 people, activities, things that you dream about or make you happy whichever the case may be. Remember it should be meaningful and relevent to you and your life.
3) Divide a sketchbook page into 4 sections and draw a thumbnail sketch ( a small sketch) about your chosen theme in each. For example, if you chose "Dream Big" in one section you might draw just the top of your head with thought bubbles pictures of what you dream about, in another section you draw your whole body while your actually sleeping, in another section you might draw about only one thing from your list, in the last section you might draw about all of the items you brainstormed about.

If you can't decide between the themes just yet you must list 10 things for each theme and split the sketches- do two for one theme, two for the other.
Don't forget to label your homework with its due date.

Monday, August 23, 2010

8th Grade Homework-Due 8/26

Welcome Back.
The Project is called "Sign of the Times."

Your assignment (10 points) for Thurs., 8/26 is to:

1) Write an original quote or motto* that inspires you and others toward a goal for the year.

*Make it positive (no negative messages)-think INSPIRATIONAL.

2) Brainstorm images that illustrate your quote/motto.

3)Make a full page sketch (design fills the page edge to edge to edge to edge-make it edgey!)
using no more than 3 colors + black & white that combines your text with the image(s) in a clever way. You don't have to use b/w but no more than 3 colors. IN SKETCHBOOK. 2 points off for not being in sketchbook.

Remember what we discussed in class-No cliches, grab the viewer attention, make it legible, consider your audience.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Art Supplies K-8

"Art washes away from our souls the dust of everyday life," a beautiful quote by one of our featured artists last year, Pablo Picasso. That quote is quite appropriate now as we all try to shake the dust of Summer's carefree days from our noggins, eh? I think so. Anyways... my first post this year will pertain to school supplies K-8. As I was looking over the school supply lists to post here, I noticed that a quantity was missing for the Jr. High supplies of #2 pencils . Please note the supplies and quantities for each grade and the additional supplies that Jr. High will need.

Kindergarten-Box of baby wipes or baby wipe refill
1st-2 black fine point Sharpies
2nd-2 black fine point Sharpies
3rd-2 ULTRA fine black Sharpies
4th-2 Silver Sharpies
5th-2 1"rolls of masking tape
Jr. High (6th-8th) -12 #2 pencils

These supplies are community property. You do not need to label them with your name.

Jr.High-(6th-8th) An 8"x 11" HARDBACK non spiral sketchbook. (7th & 8th can reuse last years only if it is HARDBACK). These can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or United Art and Education. They should not cost more than $10 and will be used for all three years of Jr. High.

1 Pocket folder

Please note that sometimes there are projects that will call for other very specific supplies. These would be the cost of photo processing and/or other various things. Outside of photo processing , I will never assign a student to acquire an item(s) that goes beyond $5.00. More often I will ask for items that are recycled or discarded, such as plastic bottles, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, missing socks, etc...

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.